About Kate

Kate was born and raised in Carthage, Missouri. Kate attended the University of Kansas where she was an active member of Alpha Chi Omega and an Elementary Education major. Upon graduating from KU with her Bachelors in Education, she went on to complete her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction through KU. From there, she returned home and taught kindergarten in her hometown of Carthage for three years before following Chauncey to Oklahoma. Kate is in her fourth year of teaching and teaches kindergarten in Edmond. 

About Chauncey

Chauncey was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Chauncey attended the University of Tulsa where he was an active member of Pi Kappa Alpha. While at TU, Chauncey majored in Political Science. From there, he went on to attend law school at Oklahoma City University. Chauncey is an avid Golden Hurricane and Oklahoma City Thunder fan. He is a real estate attorney at Shapiro and Cejda in Oklahoma City. 

Our Story

1. Kate's best friend from KU, Erin Hadwiger, wanted Kate to move to Tulsa, where Erin was living.

2. Kate didn't want to. 

3. Erin thought if she introduced Kate to a boy, she'd move to Tulsa.

4. Kate said no to meeting a boy from Tulsa.

5. Erin started dating her now husband, August. They realized that they had a mutual friend - Chauncey. Erin went to high school with Chauncey, and August and Chauncey were both Pikes at TU.

6. Erin and August invited Chauncey to meet up with them during a night out in Tulsa. Chauncey made the comment that he liked blondes. Erin texted Kate telling her she was going to meet her friend Chauncey next weekend. For whatever reason, this time Kate agreed.

7. Chauncey and Kate facebooked and texted (along with some awkward phone calls from Chauncey) over the next week. Technically, it was a blind date, but they immediately felt very comfortable with each other - thanks to Chauncey's awkward phone calls.

8. Erin married August and moved to Oklahoma City. It helped Kate accept moving to Edmond for Chauncey, and they all lived happily ever after.

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